November 28, 2009

My first full customization

I'm starting to have a large Pullips collection so I have a doll of them that I don't like anymore.
I've decide to custom Brand New Purezza, I made a simple customization because I'm not expert, anyway this is my final work...She turns in Irae.

Welcome Stica

Some day ago I've received this wonderful doll.

"I am baking cookies and making tea for my master. When I am hungry, I snitch a little …… Feel like so. "

Other accessories included with doll & outfit:

  • Headdress
  • Apron
  • Doll Stand

- I want to go home ASAP ! The home, Pullip in pretty maid waits for me !
- With beautiful red eyes in black and white costume.
- Without apron, she will be very tidy black dress.
- Pretty perm hair !

November 26, 2009

Evangeline Ghastly

Welcome to my beautiful Evangeline Ghastly.
She is a Tonner's doll, very very particular, I like her so much.

Evangeline was born to April 24 , 1924 in Ipswich , England in the attic of Barkely Manor.
She lives alone,with her pet Mouette.
Barkley Manor is the ancestral home of the Ghastly family; an ancient family whose roots date back to the early 1500's.

Evangeline Ghastly

Evangeline Ghastly

Evangeline Ghastly

Evangeline Ghastly

November 11, 2009

Dolls Shop

If you like our dresses and accessories, we had our own shops online:

Keep in touch !

November 9, 2009

Sabrina (Blanche custom)

An other look for my Blanche. She is wearing an outfit handmade by myself like usual.

Sabrina Sabrina


On my Etsy shop

Loretta (Blanche custom)

She is wearing an outfit handmade by myself. The decoration on the pram is handmade by me as well.




November 6, 2009



It was at very dark of night
I walked past stones of graves with fright
With dark of shadow across my way
An owl it cries, but where it is I cannot say

The moon it rides the clouds on high
And then that wind I hear it sigh
My heart it beats so fast a pace
I fear it thinks it’s in some race

What fool am I that I am here
To come at night and show such fear
As now I creep around the stones
One side black as panther, the other as white as bone

I wander round from name to name
I know not why, tis like some game
Like some ghoul I prance around
Yet I make no earthly sound

Now I am at a fresh dug grave
I feel inside that I must be brave
Now I look to find the name
And now I see it shine like flame

For the name is mine and I freeze with fear
And down my cheek rolls one single tear
It is with shock it is with awe
I realise now I am no more

For me to fear all those around
I am just foolish and am a clown
I should not fear any that I will see
For as the phantom, they should fear me.

By John H Henderson



November 5, 2009

Aracna and Aracnya


I see you there Spider:
your eight legs
quickly moving along the ground.
You are so small
Is it that far to the wall?
How strange -
it's just a step or two
to me.
I find it hard
to see through your eyes.

That web of yours - so fine:
spectrum of the morning sun -
so fragile a structure.
I could not begin
to construct a sculpture
so perfect.

I see you there Spider.

By Jane Eliza