July 30, 2009

Lynda (Prunella custom)

She is Lynda and she is wearing a dress handmade by myself. She is so romantic.

IMG_7564 IMG_7537



IMG_7483 IMG_7503

July 22, 2009

Autumn's Fairy

She is Aibell (An Irish 'fairy' goddess), my new version of Purezza, she is the Autmn's spirit, she comes with her little friend ...

July 18, 2009

Brand New Purezza

She is my new Pullip: Brand New Purezza (September 2006)

« My one birthday. Even the time waiting for him is a kind of fun for me. It’s been six months since I go out with him, but still my heart goes first …Feel like so. »

Other accessories included with doll & outfit:

  • Wooden table and 2 sets of chairs
  • Leather bag and scarf
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Pair of necklaces (Pullip and Taeyang)
  • Love Letter
  • Doll Stand

- First Pullip with furniture !
- When purezza in autumn fashion sits on the chair, it's more like an open cafe in early autumn!!
- Purezza was a champain model of Hachioji Tokyu Square (source pullipstyle.com)

July 17, 2009

Laila and Lealù

This is my first special series :)

IMG_2477 IMG_2483



Lealù (Magical Pink Chan custom)

Lealù is the little sister of Laila. I changed her eyes and original wig.
She is wearing dress no handmade by myself.

IMG_2436 IMG_2455




July 16, 2009

Laila_ (Prunella custom)

She is Laila is wearing some clothes of barbie, others I bought on the net and some accessories from the original Prunella. But she has sweet glasses handmade by myself too.
Laila has a very particular personality, she loves colors and creativity and the street art of course.


IMG_2373 IMG_2383


IMG_2397 IMG_2406


July 15, 2009


Prunella is a fashion collaboration release with h.Naoto. she has TYPE 3 BODY and is of 2007 collection. She is wearing the same dress design as one of the full size outfits that were released for their clothing catalog. Naoto Hirooka is a fashion designer Punk, Gothic & Lolita, Cosplay, Biker, Army style and more...


IMG_2105 IMG_2118
IMG_2089 IMG_2095

July 14, 2009

Katerina Moreau

Katerina is a Begoths of series 7 spring, she is so dark and I like her red hair.

IMG_2069 IMG_2066


July 13, 2009

One day at the Castle

My Cornice - Location:Miramare's Castle, Triest, Italy