August 21, 2009

Cinci a witch?

I just finished to sew this new outfit with a hat, it's the first hat I sew ^^
Well, it's not for Cinciallegra but she seems really particular wearing a witch's outfit, isn't it?


She is a very pretty Dal on sale from 2006.
# Other accessories included with outfit: Drawstring Bag
# Flower Hair Accessory
# Plush Doll
# Doll stand

IMG_2119 IMG_2144


August 14, 2009

She's my sweet Cincy

I created this outfit for my sweet Cinciallegra "Cincy", she looks so romantic ...

Anne Shirley

"Like Anne Shirley, I want to dream away that I like surrounding beautiful nature... Feel like so."

Anne of Green Gables wears a corduroy jumper with a white pinafore, white bloomers, and black lace up boots. Her red hair is done up in braids with red ribbons at the ends. She has adorable freckles on her face underneath her blue eyes.

April, 2004

Other accessories included with doll & outfit:

  • Floral Hat
  • Travel Carpet Bag

August 13, 2009

Lora (Prunella custom)

An other new look for Prunella. She is Lora. The outfit is handmade by myself.

DSC07893 DSC07833

DSC07810 DSC07814


August 9, 2009

Giulia _ (Prunella custom)

She is Giulia, she is wearing a outfit handmade by myself, for my opinion, she looks so elegant.

DSC07622 DSC07636



DSC07717 DSC07700

August 3, 2009


"If you love me only, I will sing for you only.. …. Feel like so "

Other accessories included with doll & outfit:

  • Headdress
  • Doll Stand

September Pullip is a lady with passing love…Her love for him continues to grow deeper with each passing day. She wears a fabulous dress with delicate colors and she is so sweet!!!
- She piles her beautiful silver hair on the top of her head!!
- She has a sparkle in her eyes toward a dream man she has been secretly imagined!!
- September Pullip doll comes with a delicate dress and nice headdress made by lace and tulle.

August 1, 2009

Pullip Mir

"I pray under the cold water even today... Feel like so."

- A “Dragon (Big snake)” logo is in Pullip’s eyes!!
- June Pullip is so beautiful like the top “Asian beauty” model!!

- She has beautiful white skin like a beautiful white pottery and beautiful raven-black hair!!!
- Her topknot and Japanese hairpin can be detachable.
- She wears a neat and bright Black and Red Gothic fashion with pettiskirt.
- Her boots are, of course Gothic boots!!!

Attached Accessories

- Hair Accessory
- Special sacred gem
- Doll Stand

Product material:

- Body: ABS and others
- Outfit: Cotton and others