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Self-introduction : Pullip refuses to be ordinary, yet seeks for ‘diversity’ and ‘being special’.
Now she is in a private high school in Milano, Italy.
Pullip who has attractive looks with big eyes is sociable and positive. She
gives out his energy and talent by participating in a drama club. Tae-Yang is her boyfriend who meets Pullip’s high standards. Now he is majoring in musical composition at the College of Music.
Pullip’s father is a diplomat and her mother is an interior designer. Pullip is a friend-like sister to her brother, ISul, who is studying abroad in the U.S.A. Pullip who inherited international senses and artistic attainments from her parent is very popular among
her friends.

■ Spec.
-Size : About 310mm
-Package : Window Box + Profile Card
-Material : HIPS ABS ATBC-PVC dress material
-Product Description : It can give a wink and control its eyes by moving the pupil of the eye from side to side. It can also make various poses because it has many joints all over i
ts body, which is the reason why this product is special and different from others.

■ Profile
-Nationality : Korea
-Age : 17 (May, Germini)
-Blood Type : O
-Present Address : Milano, Italy
-Vocation : 2nd grader in a private high school in Milano
-Club : a member of a big band which plays swing
Hobby : scuba diving, watching movies and musicals, shopping, going to the parties for social circles, taking
pictures – All of these are my favorites and also what I always love to do.
Personality : Active, Positive, Sociable, Extroverted, Cheerful, She loves to enjoy a luxurious life.
Favorite Food : sea food, Italian-Korean mixed fusion food like kim-chi pilaf
I also really like Korean food, Bibim-bab that my father makes.
Favorite books : I love to read all kinds of fashion magazines and also decorate things.
-Fashion Style : I pursue diversity as well as ‘being special’ especially with a certain theme in the style. I enjoy
special, exceptional and various styles. I don’t like ordinary and common styles because I’ve got my own style.
-Future Plan : Well, I’ve got lots of things that I want to
do. I hope that I can carve out my way by myself and be
the master of my fate.
Ideal Type : cool guy “I love cheerful, active and gorgeous guys. But now I only love Tae-Yang”
Boyfriend : Tae-Yang (her ex-boyfriend : Na Mu)
Family Member :
Father : Korea, a diplomat, When he worked in Italy, he met Pullip’s mother.
Mother : Italian, an interior designer
Brother (ISul) : He’s now studying abroad in San Francisco, U.S.A
Pet : blueterrier



Self-introduction : Dal who is Tae-Yang’s sister is quite attractive with pouting lips like a prim-looking girl. She likes her gorgeous brother too much, so her friends often tease her about having a "brother complex". She gets always jealousy over Pullip and Tae-Yang, but actually she is very sentimental and tender. She is a first grader in Korean school in Milano and a member of a Tennis club. Her hobby is drawing illustrations and posting them onto her blog. In fact, her blog is really popular among teenagers and it even has many fans. Dal is quite sociable and outgoing, so she is very popular in her school. Her best friend is Byul.

■ Spec.
-Size : 263mm
-Package : Window Box + Profile Card
-Material : HIPS ABS ATBC-PVC dress material
-Product Description : Since this doll can control its eyes by moving the pupil of the eye from side to side, it can make various facial expressions. Also it can make many poses because it has many joints in its small but pretty body.

■ Profile
-Nationality : Korea
-Age : 13 (February, Aquarius)
-Blood Type : AB
-Present Address : Milano, Italy

-Vocation : Student, second grader in international middle school
-Club : an ace of the Tennis club
-Hobby : Drawing illustrations and putting them onto her own blog
-Personality : She is a bit stubborn with “Brother complex”, but she still is very sentimental and tender.
-Favorite food: Korean food (I haven’t eaten many kinds of Korean food, but Korean food that Byul’s mom makes is very delicious and I love it!)
-Boyfriend : I haven’t seen anyone cooler than my brother!
-Family member
Father : English, an owner of a shop for expensive musical instruments
Mother : Korean, a well-known architect
Brother : Tae-yang

The Dal body is articulated similar to Pullip. Her eyes move from side to side like Pullip, but do not blink. Dal can be customized. Jun Planning announced in the beginning of 2008 that a new Dal will be released every month.



The Pullip has a unique eye mechanism that allows the eyes to move back and forth and wink, using levers on the back of the head. Pullips are highly articulated and can be personalized or customized. They are about 12 inches tall with oversized heads. The body is about 9 inches tall (1:6 scale), the size of many fashion dolls such as Barbie and Jenny.

The articulated Pullip body has gone through several changes. Early dolls had Marmit-type bodies with visible screws. The first three dolls (Moon, Street, and Wind) have necks that can snap easily, though this was fixed with later releases.

Starting in January 2004 with the release of Venus, Pullip had a new body (called the "Type 2" body), which had no visible screws, a soft torso, and joints that could be pulled apart. This body had more realistic proportions, and to date is the most poseable body. Disadvantages of this body include the limbs can fall off or pull apart too easily, the soft torso 'pops' out of the hip joint, and that the plastic of the body had a tendency to melt under certain environmental conditions, mostly high heat and humidity.

With the release of Lan Ake and Lan Ai in 2005, a newer body was created with less articulation, a smaller more child-like body, and hinged wrists/ankles. This is referred to as the "Type 3" body. While sturdier than its predecessors, this body is the least poseable. This body runs the risk of wrist cracking from Barasuishou forwards.

January 2009 had the release of Neo Noir and another body currently referred to as the "Type 4". It is similar to the Type 3 body but more poseable and currently not prone to wrist crack.

Like the more expensive Ball-jointed dolls, these dolls are easily customizable. Pullip dolls released prior to March 2004 had rooted hair, but the scalp pieces can be swapped with other Pullips. Dolls after this point have wigs that can be removed more easily. The head and eye mechanism can be taken apart with a simple screw driver. Changes range from minor such as wig or eye-color swapping, to custom dolls of completely new designs. More intensive customization can include resculpting of the face or body or adding piercings, tattoos, ears, teeth, and facial hair.

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Pullip is a collectible fashion doll created by the Cheonsang Cheonha of Korea and marketed by JUN Planning of Japan. Since the release of the original female doll in 2003, other lines of dolls have been added: male companion dolls Namu and Taeyang, a younger "sister" doll Dal, and a miniature Little Pullip.
New editions of Pullip dolls are released on a monthly basis. Additional limited-release exclusives are sold occasionally. Each has a unique name with distinct face make-up, hair, outfit, accessories, and box.
Between 2003 and 2008 there have been over 80 Pullip doll releases.[1] The regular monthly releases of Pullip are 'limited' in that only a certain amount are made, this number is known only by the manufacturer.
Occasionally a limited release exclusive Pullip will be made in a quantity between 300 and 1500, and sold in addition to the regular monthly release. Some stores that have had exclusives are Toys-R-Us Japan, Magma Heritage (Singapore), HauteDoll (U.S.), TBS shop (Japan), and (Korea). The limited sales exclusives came with a certificate showing their production number, until the September 2007 exclusives that did not include a certificate. In early 2006 with the release of Fall Purezza, Jun Planning announced that it would no longer make exclusive
dolls due to the dolls cutting in on the demand of the regular releases. They apparently changed their mind in early 2007 with the release of the first U.S. store exclusive, Haute, by HauteDoll, which was later followed by multiple Japan exclusives.
In anticipation of the 5th anniversary of Pullip, five dolls were released as part of the "Another Alice" limited edition set including an Another Alice, Another Queen, Another King (Taeyang), Another Rabbit (Dal), and Another Clock Rabbit (Dal]). These were inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Pullip collectors often refer to this set as the "Golden Alice" set. Their original release date (August 2007) was postponed in order to include the new eye-closing feature on the Another King Taeyang. Persons that ordered the complete set received a bonus flamingo
figurine. Only 500 of each of these dolls were released.
In 2006, Jun Planning began releasing licensed Pullips of the characters from the anime/manga Rozen Maiden series. These were not limited sales with the exception of the final Rozen Maiden Pullip, Kirakishou (which was an exclusive to TBS/Japan[2]). Several other collaboration Pullip dolls have or will be released including H. Naoto, Hello Kitty and My Melody from Sanrio, and Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Soryu fro
m Neon Genesis Evangelion in 2007 and early 2008. Holly is based on the character Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) from the film Breakfast at Tiffany's. The Rozen Maiden, Hello Kitty, Evangelion, and H. Naoto editions are not exclusive or limited sales dolls but have higher prices than standard dolls due to licensing.
Prior to 2006, Jun Planning released some editions that bore close resemblance to popular characters and celebrities but are not officially licensed. Fantastic Alice is similar to Disney's rendition of Alice in Wonderland. Rida bears resemblance to Nana. The Happy Birthday 2 doll set is a Native American Pullip named Sacagawea and Namu named Geronimo. Principessa bears close resemblance to some images of Japanese musician/designer, Mana.