June 4, 2009

Rozen Maiden's Collection

If u are a Pullip and Dal's fan you have to know a few of things about them, for example, this is a very special series called ROZEN MAIDEN.

Rozen Maiden is a manga by the group Peach-Pit with an anime series of the same name. The story centers around

Sakurada Jun, a young hikikomori boy that finds himself indebted to a living doll by the name of Shinku, a doll of the Rozen Maiden series, who was created by a mysterious but extremely talented dollmaker. The series examines the living habits and personality of each doll that is living with Jun and his sister Nori, as well as the sibling rivalry that they commence to name one doll as "Alice" in order to meet the maker who created them. Jun's sometimes comedic, sometimes dramatic experiences with Shinku as well as the other six dolls of the Rozen Maiden series slowly bring him out of his depression and back into the world that he had abandoned.

In TV Asahi's "Top 100 Anime Ranking" polled in 2006, Rozen Maiden was ranked 9th on the list.

STORY: Sakurada is a Junior High School student who refuses to go to school after being traumatized by an embarrassing experience there . He has taken to locking himself in his room, never leaving the house, and spends the day ordering goods online and returning them before the date in which he has to pay. His older sister, Nori Sakurada, does everything she can to brighten Jun's dreary existence, but is unable to change his situation.One day, Jun receives a letter claiming he has won a prize. The letter asks him to choose "Yes" or "No". It states that after he has made his decision, he must place the letter in the drawer of his desk, and Holli will take it to the spirit world. Despite his skepticism, he follows these instructions, and discovers soon after that the envelope has vanished. Moments later, he realizes that a richly detailed wood case has materialized within his room. The box contains a strange realistic doll dressed in French aristocratic (synonymous with Gothic Lolita) attire. Jun examines the doll from every angle before seeing the key and winding up the doll. The doll creaks, stands up on its own, then proceeds to slap him for handling her as crudely as he had. She introduces herself as, "...Shinku, the fifth doll of the Rozen Maiden."Shinku is a doll from the unique "Rozen Maiden" collection, and before Jun can fully comprehend the weight of his new situation, a stuffed clown (bear in the manga) plush doll attacks. Shinku promises that she will save Jun's life, but only if he will vow to serve her. Thus, Jun becomes entrusted with the responsibility of protecting Shinku's "Rosa Mystica" whilst she is engaged in a centuries old fight with the other Rozen Maiden dolls for the title of "Alice."

THE ROZEN MAIDENS:The "Rozen Maidens" are a collection of dolls created by a craftsman named Rozen, whom the dolls refer to as "Father". Their primary source of power is a human host (referred to as a "medium") who wears a ring to symbolize his bond with the doll, although certain dolls have been shown to act without a medium. According to Shinku, she can only be at full power when her medium is present. Each Rozen Maiden has her own distinct personality and guardian spirit.

THE ALICE'S GAME:The Rozen Maidens' apparent purpose is to participate in the "Alice Game", a lethal competition that promises the winner the right to meet "Father" by becoming "Alice," a girl of supreme beauty and perfection whose spirit lives inside of "Father"; she is said to be "more sublime than any flower, purer than any gem, and without a touch of impurity."The game encompasses duels in which the dolls fight each other using both their guardian spirits and respective abilities, such as the manipulation of strawberry vines, as well as the spiritual energy from their medium. The doll that loses the duel loses her "Rosa Mystica," the very essence that endows her with the ability to move. The lost Rosa Mystica, which contains the memories and emotions of the duel's loser, is then collected and absorbed by the duel's winner. The doll that acquires all seven Rosa Mystica will become Alice. The game has gone on for years, mostly because dolls have repeatedly broken off duels rather than fight them to a conclusion. Shinku, the central doll of the series, is notable in that while she does not refuse to fight, she does think that it is possible to win the game without killing her sisters: Hina Ichigo lost the Alice game when she renounced her contract with her medium. Shinku granted Hina Ichigo a new subcontract and did not take her Rosa Mystica. A doll can also no longer become Alice if she loses her Rosa Mystica. However, when such a subcontract is given, the source of power is still the original human medium. Therefore, Hina Ichigo draws energy in duels from Shinku, but this energy is actually Jun's.

Kirakishou - Sparkling Snowdrop Crystal. The true seventh Rozen Maiden doll.

Hinaichigo - Strawberry Doll.The sixth doll, and the very embodiment of childishness. Although she can be ridiculously naïve and selfish, she has nothing but the best intentions for those that she cares about. Her disposition is also a mismatch for her power, which is a series of attacks based on strawberry vines, which she mostly uses to restrain opponents. She loses to Shinku in the Alice Game, becoming the first doll to lose the right to become Alice.

Kanaria - Canary Bird. The second Rozen Maiden doll, who is as adorable as she is eccentric. Not only does she constantly refer to herself in third person, but she also talks about taking her sisters' Rosen Mysticas, though she repeatedly fails in her attempts to do so. She fancies herself as quite the stealthy prowler, and makes a hobby of watching the exploits of her sisters, usually through binoculars.

Barasuishou - Rose Crystal. Barasuishou is a doll created by Enju, Rozen's apprentice. She introduces herself as the seventh Rozen Maiden doll, though this is a lie; she simply intends to dupe the other six Rozen Maidens into entering the Alice Game so that she may obtain their Rosae Mysticae and become the strongest doll. She is clad entirely in lavender and wears an eyepatch over her left eye, though she is revealed to not be missing an eye at all.

Souseiseki - Lapis slazuli star, The fourth doll of the Rozen Maiden collection and Suiseiseki's twin, Souseiseki possesses a sharpness in her speech that is similar to Shinku's, attacks ruthlessly in combat, and does not tolerate sub-par actions. Her appearance is not only the most masculine of the dolls, but her speech is also noted to be of the masculine form, using the first person pronoun "boku" instead of gender neutral pronouns like "jibun" or "watashi." Souseiseki's presence is much more significant in the anime than in the manga.

Suiseiseki - Jade Star, The third Rozen Maiden doll, and Souseiseki's older twin. She and Souseiseki are both referred to as "gardeners" for their ability to communicate and tend not only to regular plants, but also to the "soul trees" of humans.
Despite her attitude towards Jun, Suiseiseki does care a great deal for him, and her attempts to cover that up usually manifest in the form of more insults. In fact, she cares deeply for everyone in her life, even if she does not show it outwardly.

Shinku - Pure Ruby, Shinku is the fifth Rozen Maiden doll and the first to appear in the series. Her name, in adittion to its Japanese meaning, could be also a play on the Japanese pronunciation of the word "cinq" (French for "five"). She embodies the traditional Victorian aristocrat. She is extremely demanding and can seem unappreciative of others. Her favorite words are "tea", "servant" and "What?" She seems to enjoy lecturing, slapping, and generally abusing Jun, her medium, at every opportunity. She is perceived as rather angry, but it is a facade that she puts up to show that she feels that she is most deserving of becoming Alice.

Suigintou - Mercury Lamp.Suigintou is the first of the Rozen Maiden collection. Her desire to win the Alice Game is the strongest of all the dolls, and is primarily driven by her wish to gain the attention of their "Father", the fantastic dollmaker Rozen. Sadistic, spiteful, and arrogant (all due to her spectacular superiority complex), Suigintou has no inhibitions when it comes to the Alice Game. She will use any method available to her, regardless of how brutal it may be, to reach victory.

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