August 3, 2009


"If you love me only, I will sing for you only.. …. Feel like so "

Other accessories included with doll & outfit:

  • Headdress
  • Doll Stand

September Pullip is a lady with passing love…Her love for him continues to grow deeper with each passing day. She wears a fabulous dress with delicate colors and she is so sweet!!!
- She piles her beautiful silver hair on the top of her head!!
- She has a sparkle in her eyes toward a dream man she has been secretly imagined!!
- September Pullip doll comes with a delicate dress and nice headdress made by lace and tulle.


  1. Rubbbinaa!!!! I've finally been able to check your blog, very beautiful dolls! I have seen many in Bangkok, it was amazing but very expensive too. I used to buy a lot of Japanese dolls such as u-noa, Super Dollfie, but I lost interest in it, maybe someday if I have someone to share with!

  2. Ayshaaaaaa thanks for your comment, I'm so happy !!!