November 6, 2009



It was at very dark of night
I walked past stones of graves with fright
With dark of shadow across my way
An owl it cries, but where it is I cannot say

The moon it rides the clouds on high
And then that wind I hear it sigh
My heart it beats so fast a pace
I fear it thinks it’s in some race

What fool am I that I am here
To come at night and show such fear
As now I creep around the stones
One side black as panther, the other as white as bone

I wander round from name to name
I know not why, tis like some game
Like some ghoul I prance around
Yet I make no earthly sound

Now I am at a fresh dug grave
I feel inside that I must be brave
Now I look to find the name
And now I see it shine like flame

For the name is mine and I freeze with fear
And down my cheek rolls one single tear
It is with shock it is with awe
I realise now I am no more

For me to fear all those around
I am just foolish and am a clown
I should not fear any that I will see
For as the phantom, they should fear me.

By John H Henderson



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