May 31, 2009


Self-introduction : Pullip refuses to be ordinary, yet seeks for ‘diversity’ and ‘being special’.
Now she is in a private high school in Milano, Italy.
Pullip who has attractive looks with big eyes is sociable and positive. She
gives out his energy and talent by participating in a drama club. Tae-Yang is her boyfriend who meets Pullip’s high standards. Now he is majoring in musical composition at the College of Music.
Pullip’s father is a diplomat and her mother is an interior designer. Pullip is a friend-like sister to her brother, ISul, who is studying abroad in the U.S.A. Pullip who inherited international senses and artistic attainments from her parent is very popular among
her friends.

■ Spec.
-Size : About 310mm
-Package : Window Box + Profile Card
-Material : HIPS ABS ATBC-PVC dress material
-Product Description : It can give a wink and control its eyes by moving the pupil of the eye from side to side. It can also make various poses because it has many joints all over i
ts body, which is the reason why this product is special and different from others.

■ Profile
-Nationality : Korea
-Age : 17 (May, Germini)
-Blood Type : O
-Present Address : Milano, Italy
-Vocation : 2nd grader in a private high school in Milano
-Club : a member of a big band which plays swing
Hobby : scuba diving, watching movies and musicals, shopping, going to the parties for social circles, taking
pictures – All of these are my favorites and also what I always love to do.
Personality : Active, Positive, Sociable, Extroverted, Cheerful, She loves to enjoy a luxurious life.
Favorite Food : sea food, Italian-Korean mixed fusion food like kim-chi pilaf
I also really like Korean food, Bibim-bab that my father makes.
Favorite books : I love to read all kinds of fashion magazines and also decorate things.
-Fashion Style : I pursue diversity as well as ‘being special’ especially with a certain theme in the style. I enjoy
special, exceptional and various styles. I don’t like ordinary and common styles because I’ve got my own style.
-Future Plan : Well, I’ve got lots of things that I want to
do. I hope that I can carve out my way by myself and be
the master of my fate.
Ideal Type : cool guy “I love cheerful, active and gorgeous guys. But now I only love Tae-Yang”
Boyfriend : Tae-Yang (her ex-boyfriend : Na Mu)
Family Member :
Father : Korea, a diplomat, When he worked in Italy, he met Pullip’s mother.
Mother : Italian, an interior designer
Brother (ISul) : He’s now studying abroad in San Francisco, U.S.A
Pet : blueterrier


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