May 31, 2009


The Pullip has a unique eye mechanism that allows the eyes to move back and forth and wink, using levers on the back of the head. Pullips are highly articulated and can be personalized or customized. They are about 12 inches tall with oversized heads. The body is about 9 inches tall (1:6 scale), the size of many fashion dolls such as Barbie and Jenny.

The articulated Pullip body has gone through several changes. Early dolls had Marmit-type bodies with visible screws. The first three dolls (Moon, Street, and Wind) have necks that can snap easily, though this was fixed with later releases.

Starting in January 2004 with the release of Venus, Pullip had a new body (called the "Type 2" body), which had no visible screws, a soft torso, and joints that could be pulled apart. This body had more realistic proportions, and to date is the most poseable body. Disadvantages of this body include the limbs can fall off or pull apart too easily, the soft torso 'pops' out of the hip joint, and that the plastic of the body had a tendency to melt under certain environmental conditions, mostly high heat and humidity.

With the release of Lan Ake and Lan Ai in 2005, a newer body was created with less articulation, a smaller more child-like body, and hinged wrists/ankles. This is referred to as the "Type 3" body. While sturdier than its predecessors, this body is the least poseable. This body runs the risk of wrist cracking from Barasuishou forwards.

January 2009 had the release of Neo Noir and another body currently referred to as the "Type 4". It is similar to the Type 3 body but more poseable and currently not prone to wrist crack.

Like the more expensive Ball-jointed dolls, these dolls are easily customizable. Pullip dolls released prior to March 2004 had rooted hair, but the scalp pieces can be swapped with other Pullips. Dolls after this point have wigs that can be removed more easily. The head and eye mechanism can be taken apart with a simple screw driver. Changes range from minor such as wig or eye-color swapping, to custom dolls of completely new designs. More intensive customization can include resculpting of the face or body or adding piercings, tattoos, ears, teeth, and facial hair.

source wikipedia

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