May 31, 2009


Self-introduction : Dal who is Tae-Yang’s sister is quite attractive with pouting lips like a prim-looking girl. She likes her gorgeous brother too much, so her friends often tease her about having a "brother complex". She gets always jealousy over Pullip and Tae-Yang, but actually she is very sentimental and tender. She is a first grader in Korean school in Milano and a member of a Tennis club. Her hobby is drawing illustrations and posting them onto her blog. In fact, her blog is really popular among teenagers and it even has many fans. Dal is quite sociable and outgoing, so she is very popular in her school. Her best friend is Byul.

■ Spec.
-Size : 263mm
-Package : Window Box + Profile Card
-Material : HIPS ABS ATBC-PVC dress material
-Product Description : Since this doll can control its eyes by moving the pupil of the eye from side to side, it can make various facial expressions. Also it can make many poses because it has many joints in its small but pretty body.

■ Profile
-Nationality : Korea
-Age : 13 (February, Aquarius)
-Blood Type : AB
-Present Address : Milano, Italy

-Vocation : Student, second grader in international middle school
-Club : an ace of the Tennis club
-Hobby : Drawing illustrations and putting them onto her own blog
-Personality : She is a bit stubborn with “Brother complex”, but she still is very sentimental and tender.
-Favorite food: Korean food (I haven’t eaten many kinds of Korean food, but Korean food that Byul’s mom makes is very delicious and I love it!)
-Boyfriend : I haven’t seen anyone cooler than my brother!
-Family member
Father : English, an owner of a shop for expensive musical instruments
Mother : Korean, a well-known architect
Brother : Tae-yang

The Dal body is articulated similar to Pullip. Her eyes move from side to side like Pullip, but do not blink. Dal can be customized. Jun Planning announced in the beginning of 2008 that a new Dal will be released every month.


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